Crawford Property Claims Management covers all types of losses, residential or commercial.  We quickly assemble the right team of claims professionals, to settle the claim and prevent further loss.  Through innovative technology and processes, we provide up-to-the minute claims status, key performance indicators, and streamline the handling losses and full adjustment services.

The expanding farming industry means businesses have potential new liability and risk management needs, requiring special knowledge of both the business of farming, as well as home and property coverage. Crawford teams have deep and broad experience and understand the impact on property, crop, and livestock when agribusiness faces a risk event. We have the ability to handle the negotiation, consolidation, and mediation of food industry claims requiring an understanding of the nuances and impact of food and drug regulation, manufacturing, consumer risk and liability, distribution, and transportation. Learn more about services in your area.

Business Interruption
Business interruption is an exposure common to all businesses regardless of type or size, and protects a business owner against losses resulting from a loss of critical functions caused by natural or man-made hazards such as terrorism, fires, explosions, earthquakes, windstorms, bomb threats, hazardous waste spills, workplace fatalities, and product tampering, among others. Whatever the size of business or however complex the loss, Crawford has the expertise and depth of knowledge to offer an effective response to all business interruption claims. Learn more about services in your area.

As the insurance industry's leading independent adjusting resource for claims management in response to natural and man-made disasters large or small, we have the largest, most experienced, and credentialed field forces in the industry. Our comprehensive services help carriers provide their policyholders with skilled, accurate claims adjusting after the greatest moments of devastation; and we know the critical steps that must be undertaken in a pre-event environment, for an effective, customizable response to optimize successful outcomes for you.  Whether you need branch assistance for smaller surges, a standalone CAT operation for larger events, or dedicated teams to work within your facility as supervision, Crawford has the resources to assist you. Learn more about services in your area.

Construction and engineering risks present unique challenges because of their complexity, scope and severity. Whether it is a loss involving a commercial development, public infrastructure, tunneling or a power generation and transmission project, we have a long-standing reputation for handling all types of losses in this sector. Learn more about services in your area.

Contents Appraisal
Insurance companies rely on Crawford for accurate pricing of consumer goods for claims involving property contents.  Our analysts have product knowledge over a wide range of categories, including rare and unique items.  Crawford's cost-effective, comprehensive services help insurance companies reduce indemnity costs and retain policyholders by reducing contents claims costs, improving customer satisfaction, through sourcing and pricing of quality replacement inventory for claims involving property contents. Learn more about services in your area.

Engineering Risks
Insurers writing engineering policies often provide complete protection against all types of risks associated with erection, testing, commissioning of machinery, plant, and equipment during construction and often involve liability claims. Crawford is a global leader in managing, assessing, and resolving major losses involving significant engineering claims. Learn more about services in your area.

Industrial/ Commercial
In this highly specialized business sector with issues of complexity, scale, scope, and continuity, two critical components are required to handle industrial/commercial losses professionally and efficiently:  the highest level of talent in the industry, and a footprint as comprehensive as any client we serve. Crawford has the technical competence and a proven pedigree with this class of business, with the largest, most experienced team of loss adjusters, offering unparalleled expertise across a wide range of industries from small business to large manufacturing, commercial and industrial organizations. Learn more about services in your area.

Managed Property Repair
Your connection to quality contractor managed repair, Crawford has a seamless solution to secure repairs for damages and restoration work. From claim response to finished repairs, the customer receives a complete solution. Crawford has the largest independently managed national network of contractors vetted and overseen by a robust tracking system measuring time in process, performance, and customer satisfaction. Our credentialed network of more than 3,500 contractors in the U.S. and Canada specialize in emergency response, general repairs, disaster restoration, and all manner of general residential and commercial restoration work, backed by a two-year contractor workmanship warranty. We can be a tool to reduce fixed costs, increase brand differentiation, customer satisfaction and policyholder retention. Learn more about services in your area.

Personal Lines
Crawford's focus on quality and time in process is the foundation of this product line. Our extensive network of claims professionals adhere to service standards that directly reflect client feedback and industry compliance, transparency, reporting of key performance indicators, and quality assurance programs that drive the best results to exceed policyholder expectations. Learn more about services in your area.

Power and Energy
Over the past decade fundamentally new sources of energy have evolved. Crawford knowledge and experience spans the diversity of issues unique to this industry encompassing environment, consumer, business, government, geography (local, national, global), liability, litigation, operations failure, platforms, and regulatory issues.  We are versed in plant and machinery at all levels of complexity. from straightforward positioning and connect-up of small pumps or motors to major industrial complexes such as a power station or manufacturing facility. Learn more about services in your area.

Crawford provides comprehensive project management solutions to the subsidence peril. Our work product includes initial diagnosis, specialist investigations, fast-track mitigation, and innovative repair solutions.  Maintaining a customer-centric approach, we tightly control claim duration and overall costs. Learn more about services in your area.