Transportation issues affect nearly every enterprise around the world. These issues can present particular financial and operational challenges including exposures that can have a severe impact on a company's bottom line and impede its overall success.  Crawford offers a comprehensive suite of services which can accommodate all your claims management needs ranging from private automobiles to tanker trucks or other specialty equipment.

First Party
Crawford provides the right handling for hospital bills and medical expenses under a driver's personal injury protection (PIP) benefits, as well as personal injury damages under a driver's uninsured or underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage, helping all concerns realize the proper benefit under the insurance contract. Learn more about services in your area.

Third Party PD & BI
Our Casualty Claims Management Services include a complete array of claim handling options, from initial investigation and task assignments to continuous adjudication and settlement of any claim. Prompt, on-scene accident investigation is delivered 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Dedicated technical and legal support for subrogation and recovery, medical and vocational consulting, specialized auto liability PPO and provider/hospital bill auditing provide the total solution. Learn more about services in your area.

Litigation Management
We provide a multi-faceted litigation management strategy designed to help minimize the legal costs of casualty claims. Our claim professionals work with your defense council in developing the strategy to bring each claim to resolution. Strict legal bill review protocols help ensure your legal expenses are being properly managed.  Our services include investigating losses, insurance claim reviews and assisting in casualty investigations and research relative to matters of litigation. Learn more about services in your area.

Vehicle Appraisal
Our network of trained and credentialed adjusters utilize the latest technology to deliver comprehensive, accurate appraisals promptly.  Where applicable, we offer heavy equipment appraisal as well as automobile and heavy equipment managed repair programs. Learn more about services in your area.