Financial Risks

Crawford has one of the industry's most robust practices focused on the financial industry with the skills and experience to evaluate, adjust, and resolve large-loss claims on financial institutions. We assist financial institutions looking for ways to restore operations, evaluate exposure, and resume normal operations. We deliver results that are efficient, accurate, and fast.

Banker's Blanket Bond
Banks face extraordinary threats due to a variety of potential criminal acts that may be carried out by employees. Banker's Blanket Bonds (BBB) protect banks from suffering employee related financial losses. Crawford has extensive experience in dealing with BBB losses all over the world. Learn more about services in your area.

Credit Risk
To meet expected returns on their investment, lenders depend on their borrowers' ability to repay the principal and interest arising from a contractual agreement. Because borrowers generally rely on future cash flow to pay current debt, the return on investment is always at risk. Crawford understands this and uses its highly qualified and experienced adjusters to assist clients in dealing with these complex financial losses. Learn more about services in your area.

Fidelity-Guarantee Insurance
Employers are under constant threat of fraud and / or theft by employees. Crawford & Company's Banking and Finance specialists are well equipped and qualified to help our clients minimize their exposure. Learn more about services in your area.

Mortgage Guarantee
Depressed economies often lead to, among other issues, high unemployment rates. This in turn presents a potential risk or loss of both the principal and other financial rewards to lenders when borrowers fail to meet their obligations. Mortgage Guarantee policies provide relief to lenders under these circumstances. Crawford employs specialist adjusters skilled to efficiently and effectively adjust losses in this area. Learn more about services in your area.

Crawford is able to assist its clients in dealing with complex surety-related claims through its highly qualified and experienced adjusters and strategic loss managers. Learn more about services in your area.