Learning Management System

KMC On DemandSM is a Learning Management System (LMS) providing comprehensive features for identifying, developing, managing and measuring capabilities and knowledge. We deliver vital educational instruction that is tied to clear business outcomes. KMC On Demand offers a full spectrum of learning environments - formal, informal, self-paced, and live designed to support and enhance workplace performance.

KMC On Demand Courses have been accredited by all states that 

require adjuster continuing education.  To view a list of available courses and accreditation, visit

Earn College Credits Online

Compliance Management

For your added convenience, KMC submits the application for CE credits on your behalf in all states where it is permissible to do so. You simply complete the course and click on "Apply for CES" - we do the rest. Our accredited courses provide an excellent education that allows adjusters and agents to remain in compliance.

Content Management

KMC On Demand offers a robust content management system that allows publishing for content development, management and the ability to publish to multiple formats, including SCORM 2004. This provides a quick and easy way to produce interactive learning in an attractive and usable format. You can also do your own voice-overs and attach them to your newly created modules.

Performance Support

Improve efficiency and performance with our impressive repository of informal tools. Access searchable information you need precisely when it's needed.
Our detailed claims glossary is an easy-to-use tool which provides point and click access to hundreds of categories, making it a breeze to decipher technical estimates from third-party providers. 

A comprehensive listing of claims-related web sites will make online searches more focused and successful. Access to our fully researched and vetted claims links and saves time and effort. All claims links can be customized to the individual, group or the entire enterprise.