Crawford Educational Services

Crawford Educational Services

Do you need quality training for your employees but are concerned with time and budget constraints? Crawford Educational Services offers classes in property, casualty, and workers compensation and delivers these classes through a variety of innovative methods to meet your time and budget demands. We also provide a robust online training catalog and management system through KMC On DemandSM.

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These courses are available in both classroom and virtual formats and may also be delivered at client locations. Please contact Crawford Educational Services at 404-300-1521 or visit for more information.


Basic Casualty


Basic Property Loss Adjustment
Advanced Estimating & Property Forum
Basic Property / Advanced Estimating & Property Forum Bundle
Basic Property & Casualty Multiline
Intermediate Property Loss Adjustment
Advanced Property Loss Adjustment

Workers Compensation

Basic Workers Compensation

Additional Classes

Care Management
Case Management
Conducting Office Ergonomics Evaluation
Client Specific Auto Adjuster Training Program

Services Include

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  • Virtual and in-person Instructor-lead courses in three academic tracks: property, casualty, and workers' compensation
  • Online classes on demand through KMC On Demand
  • Customized content and courses both online and in-person
  • Comprehensive Learning Management System through KMC On Demand


  • Continuing Education Credits available for most classes in most states.
  • Earn college credit toward related associate or bachelor's degree programs for completed online training programs.
  • Instructor-led virtual classes deliver the benefits of live instruction from a professional trainer without the expense of travel.
  • All trainers have more than 15 years experience and all applicable professional certifications
  • Custom training options allow you to tailor existing courses or create new courses to reflect your business needs and values.

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