Commercial Transportation Services

Commercial Transportation Services

Delivering cargo in a timely and safe manner is your company's top concern. When an accident happens, rely on Crawford & Company to handle all your commercial transportation losses. Crawford's team of knowledgeable adjusters understands the trucking industry and knows the risks involved, minimizing your liability risk on the road.

Services Include

  • 24/7 response
  • On-scene investigation
  • Claims intake
  • Serious loss oversight


  • Highly credentialed staff of adjusters who understand the trucking industry
  • Access to the best vendors in your area, including commercial towing, cold-storage facilities, salvage, load transfer, accident reconstruction, commercial photography, and other specialized need

Quality Assurance

Crawford has rigorous quality assurance systems in place overseeing every part of the claim process.

Crawford's Command Center enhances our claims management program by offering up-to-the minute information on claim status and key performance indicators. The Command Center tracks a claim from first filing to closed file, allowing for complete visibility of any claim at any stage in the process.

Quality is also the key in the competence of our field force-our adjusters are all Crawford-trained and fully licensed. Crawford's Quality Program ensures that we meet the highest standards of claims adjudication and reporting in every branch, nationwide. By monitoring and actively promoting the application of our clients' and our own standards, we empower Crawford claims professionals to produce consistently high-quality work.


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